Renewable Energy


A powerful Partnership

Green Insurance has partnered with one of the worlds leading renewable energy insurance specialists, Price Forbes. This partnership creates a unique combination of local presence and international expertise, encompassing a global power portfolio of 300,000 MW across all project risk areas and phases.

2.4 GW+

solar risks placed

20 GW+

wind risks placed

2.5 GW+

hydro risks placed

500 MW+

geothermal risks placed

Understanding Project Risk

We understand the unique insurance pricing risk drivers for renewable energy projects.


  • Low NatCat risks
  • Good ground conditions and site accessibility
  • Country security and culture
  • Good local relationships


  • Non/low prototypical aspects
  • Reliable supply chain
  • Well documented approvals
  • Robust warrenties
  • Sound health and safety processes with quality detection and preventative measures


  • Proven track record in similar projects
  • Company culture
  • Financial strength
  • Good claims record
  • Proven quality assurance and quality control
  • Proven execution skills along the risk chain

Grid Connection

  • Distance to connection points
  • Age and condition of grid
  • Maintenance programme
  • Redundancy and availability measures
  • Quality of supply chain


  • Reliable risk matrices
  • Project management and operational procedures
  • Sourcing of spare parts
  • Site storage procedures
  • Extent of maximum loss scenarios

Protecting revenue Streams

The single biggest risk can come from non-owned assets. Contingent risks can pose a major threat, both to project construction and commercial operations. We recognise the interface and potential schedule gaps between the project assets ‘inside the gate’ and the non-owned ‘outside the gate’ facilities. We advise on how to protect against delays and interruptions that can heavily impact project schedules and revenue streams.

Renewable Energy Industries

The Green Insurance – Price Forbes partnership can provide unique risk and insurance insights into major areas of the renewable energy sectors including:

Solar Energy

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Wind Energy

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Battery Storage

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